About Us

Indimedo.com is run by Indimedo Private Limited, an Indian Company incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 and lead by SKG Group, SKG is renowned group and actively participating in the field of exports with wide range of products & services, TV Channel, real estate etc. with national and international clientage.

We are exporters since 1975, currently our Company India International House Ltd. runs business of exports. We also provide consultancy and man power supply services such as doctors, nurses, teachers and professionals. We emerge our presence as ‘TV 100’ news channel in electronic media.

Through Indimedo Private Limited, SKG Group entered into the business of online pharmacy, which aims to provide online medical services in maximum regions of the Country.

Vision & Mission:


To establish indimedo.com as India’s forefront online pharmacy.


To earn customer’s loyalty by delivering genuine and cost competitive medicines, medical products/services without compromising our core values of integrity.

What we offer

In current scenario, everyone won't to services or goods at your own place, no one won't take extra steps for any items or services and e-commerce played a vital role in this and if we add services like home to hospital then this is truly benefitted to society at large.

Our Company is providing home to hospital services at one click with pay online facility. In our home to hospital service you need to click once and after that we will bring and arrange a to z services for the treatment.

Why Us

Commitments & Culture

To provide Home to Hospital medical services in India or elsewhere, which is a complete package of services related to primary cure of disease from precautions, consultation and medication through experts, admit patient from their home to hospitals and provide medical experts at their home and including services for providing ambulance or conveyance to admit patient/ client into hospital, pathologies, medical test centers including negotiation with them on behalf of patient and arrange all services which are required for the treatment of patient at one touch facility.

To carry on the business of online pharmacy which includes buy, sell, stock, pack, deliver, distribute, import and export of pharmaceuticals, medicines, lifesaving drugs, chemicals, sanitary preparation, fungicides, herbicides, plaster, medicated dental creams, medical dresses/uniform, baby foods, medicated body care products, surgical instruments, dental, orthopedic apparatus & instruments, artificial eyes, teeth, limbs and all other related equipment through e-commerce portal and physical stores and promotion & advertisement of any or all mentioned product and services and other healthcare.

To provide 24×7 online consultancy services related to cure of diseases, various lab & pathology test, various therapies like physiotherapy, massage therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy or physiological therapy etc.. fitness services through experts and also arrange experts for said services.

To provide buy, sell, stock, pack, deliver, distribute, import and export of various beauty products including generic, medicated, herbal beauty products through e-commerce portal and physical stores.