Primolut N Tablet 10S

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SALT COMPOSITION Norethisterone (5mg)

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Uses, Side Effects, Price of Primolut N Tablet 10S

Primolut-N Tablet is used to deal with numerous menstrual issues along with painful, heavy, or abnormal periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and a situation known as endometriosis. It is an artificial model of the herbal lady intercourse hormone progesterone.

Primolut-N Tablet can be involved in or with out food, however it's far higher to take it on the equal time every day. The dose and the way regularly you're taking it relies upon on what you take it for. Your health practitioner will determine how an awful lot you want with the intention to enhance your symptoms. Swallow the pills complete with a drink of water. You ought to take this medicinal drug for so long as it's far prescribed to you.

The maximum not unusualplace facet results of this medicinal drug consist of headache, nausea, stomach pain, vaginal spotting, dizziness, and breast tenderness. Let your health practitioner recognize if those trouble you or seem serious, as there can be approaches of lowering or stopping them. Some facet results may also imply you ought to forestall taking this medicinal drug, along with in case you broaden jaundice, migraine, or adjustments on your speech or senses (eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). You ought to additionally forestall taking it in case you turn out to be pregnant or in case your blood strain turns into too high.

Before taking this medicinal drug, inform your health practitioner in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes, have a migraine, or any liver disorder or ever had any issues together along with your blood circulation. Your health practitioner ought to additionally recognize approximately all different drug treatments you take as lots of those may also make this medicinal drug much less powerful or alternate the manner it works. This medicinal drug can have an effect on the effects of a few blood and urine checks so make certain any health practitioner treating you is aware of which you are taking it.


Primolut-N Tablet 10's includes Norethisterone, a artificial hormone that mimics the hobby of the herbal hormone progesterone. Thereby, it restores hormone ranges withinside the frame and regulates the increase and losing of the womb lining. Thus, it facilitates to deal with menstrual disorders.


  • Dizziness
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Vaginal recognizing
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramp


Take this medicinal drug withinside the dose and length as cautioned via way of means of your health practitioner. Swallow it as a complete. Do now no longer chew, weigh down or destroy it. Primolut-N Tablet can be involved in or with out food, however it's far higher to take it at a set time.


Primolut-N Tablet is a artificial progestin. It works via way of means of mimicking the results of herbal progesterone (lady hormone). It allows in regulating the boom and losing of the womb lining, thereby treating menstrual irregularities.

Caution :

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.


Q1. Does Primolut-N Tablet reset your cycle? Yes, Primolut-N Tablet might also additionally reset your cycle. It is generally given for approximately 10 days to assist manipulate heavy durations. Usually, your durations will resume inside three days after preventing the medication. Your frame might also additionally accurate itself after three-four cycles and your length cycle might also additionally resume as earlier than.

Q2.Can you bleed at the same time as taking Primolut-N Tablet? Yes, Primolut-N Tablet might also additionally purpose step forward bleeding or recognizing in a few cases. This much more likely happens if the drugs isn't always taken as prescribed, consisting of taking decreased than prescribed dose or now no longer taking it three days earlier than your durations start. It is, therefore, very essential which you take Primolut-N Tablet as prescribed.

Q3.How quick does Primolut-N Tablet prevent bleeding? Primolut-N Tablet is cautioned to sufferers having heavy durations or extended durations. The ordinary dose is prescribed to be taken three instances an afternoon for 10 days. The bleeding will prevent generally inside forty eight hours of taking it. However, seek advice from your physician if the bleeding continues.