Eazol Health Tonic Pomegranate Flavour 300Ml

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Uses,Side Effect, Price of Eazol Health Tonic Pomegranate Flavour 300Ml

Eazol Health Tonic Gives your health and wellness a natural boost. It is an Ayurvedic general healthy tonic made using Ashwagandha, Amla, and dadim extract. The rare Herb, Safed Musli, does wonder and boost body immunity and vitality. Shatavari after consumed as an ayurvedic supplement. Helps in regulating the body system and beating stress.10ml twice a day will heal your body from within and enhance the self regulatory process.

Numerous individuals bargain wellbeing while at the same time acquiring riches and afterward spend a ton to recover wellbeing. Eazol by Sydler Remedies wellbeing tonic is a basic answer for acquire best medical advantages without spending a lot of abundance. A liberal blessing from the unstoppable force of life, experimentally defined flavorful wellbeing help, taste by taste to stay in shape and fine.

Eazol by Sydler Remedies wellbeing tonic is sydler's plume in cap, a unique examination formula, which guarantees sufficient nourishment to assemble. Gives alleviation from stomach issues diminishes hazard of creating disease lessens manifestations of iron deficiency controls hazard of conveying untimely infants secure against heart infirmities brings down dental plaque beats despondency gives young and sparkling skin.

Features of Eazol Health Tonic 300Ml :

  • 100% Herbal.
  • No Caffeine.
  • No Side Effects.
  • Prevents Cough & Cold.

Benefit of Eazol Health Tonic 300Ml :

  • Prevents Anemia.
  • Remove Weakness.
  • Improves Digestion.
  • Improves Hemoglobin.
  • Boosts Memory and Growth.
  • Increases Stamina and Height.
  • Boosts Memory Concentration.

Direction for use :

  • Take 10ml 1-2 Times Daily.
  • Follow the suggestion of your doctor prescribed.

Caution :

  • Keep reach out the children.
  • Store in normal room temperature.