ADEL 21 Proscenat Drops

ADEL 21 Proscenat Drops

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Uses, Side Effects of ADEL 21 Proscenat Drops



For prostate hypertrophy, enlarged prostate, prostate infections and painful urination.

The levels of prostatitis that affected person stories rely upon a man or woman's charter and private lifestyle. ADEL 21 (PROSCENAT) drops are powerful in treating all levels, starting from moderate insufficiencies to greater severe sorts of prostate disease. In addition, this treatment can assist save you or remedy the improvement of adenoma that effects by a continual inflammatory condition.


Acidum sulfuricum 6X, Conium 6X, Staphysagria 6X, Cantharis 12X, Selenium 6X, Nasturtium aquaticum 4X, Ononis spinosa 4X.

Acidum sulfuricum facilitates remedy mucous membrane infection and is well-applicable for remedy of hemorrhagic diathesis. It additionally addresses situations consisting of severe bodily weak spots, shaking, intellectual and emotional exhaustion, consisting of worried irritability. This mineral acid influences metabolic characteristics and is indicated for the remedy of illnesses consisting of prostatism, diabetes, belly, and intestinal ulcers, eczematous pores, skin situations, and rheumatism.

Conium undoubtedly affects the temper and intellectual disposition, however, is usually a lymphatic stimulant and anti-sclerotic substance that combats lymphatic swelling, tumors with hardening inclinations, and atrophy. This substance additionally treats weak spots with shaking withinside the limbs and well-known bodily exhaustion.

Staphysagria has a selected anti-neurotic impact that is affected by suppressed anger. It addresses prostatism and cystic catarrh, and can also do away with ache and intestinal atony following operations.

Cantharis is indicated for acute urethral tube and bladder infection, cystitis, and nephritis. It treats the urological tract to alleviate infection and ache and additionally will increase the move to the organs without inflicting side effects.

Selenium addresses the signs of worried exhaustion and neurotrophic associated with continual infection withinside the sexual organs. Psychological moodiness with unrest indicators of neurasthenia associated with prostatorrhea and continual inflammatory situations. These are usually visible in instances wherein sexual choice can not be met because of a bodily weak spot, that is handled via way of means of this substance.

Nasturtium aquaticum is indicated for urological tract irritations and pores and skin inflammations. It is thought to own herbal antibiotic characteristics. This substance additionally stimulates the metabolism and acts as an anti-infectious agent and diuretic.

Ononis spinosa is a mainly effective diuresis towards kidney and bladder purposeful weak spot and dropsy. It stimulates the excretion vital to relieve a uric diathesis that burdens the prostate with toxins. It additionally addresses different burdening elements that inhibit renal characteristics and can result in pores and skin eruptions.


  • Adults - 15 to twenty drops, three instances an afternoon in 1/four Cup of water.
  • Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle

Use below clinical supervision.