On Call Plus Glucose Test Strips (Pack of 50)

On Call Plus Glucose Test Strips (Pack of 50)

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Uses, Side Effects, Price of On Call Plus Glucose Test

The Contour Plus Glucometer Test Strips are designed to paintings first-rate with the Contour Plus Glucometer in order that the outcomes generated are tons toward that of a diagnostic laboratory. The Contour glucometer check strips assist with the automated haematocrit correction of the glucometer to make sure greater accuracy withinside the dimension of blood glucose. These strips have an extended expiry date and are clean to handle. The Contour glucometer strips are available in a container of fifty and are best for normal use for diabetic sufferers.


  • The Contour glucometer strips assist withinside the normal tracking of blood glucose stages for diabetic sufferers.
  • This allows such sufferers to recognize whether or not their remedy software has superb outcomes on their blood glucose stages.


  • These strips are used pretty often through sufferers with kind 1 in addition to kind 2 diabetes that will constantly display their blood glucose stages during the day.
  • These strips locate utilization usually at domestic whilst such diabetic sufferers want to test up on their blood glucose stages with out the want of a doctor or diagnostic laboratory.
  • The Contour glucometer check strips also are used at hospitals through nurses to get a short analyzing at the blood glucose stages of sufferers, while not having to watch for laboratory outcomes.

How to Use

  • Before beginning, make sure your palms are flawlessly clean.
  • First, you want to insert a strip into the Contour Plus Glucometer.
  • Next, you'll want to prick your finger the use of the lancet of the Contour Plus Glucometer.
  • Finally, you want to make sure that at the least one drop of blood oozes from your finger and touches the Contour glucometer strip.
  • Then all you want to do is wait some seconds for the Contour Plus Glucometer to present you an correct analyzing of your blood glucose level.

Safety Information

These checking out strips are for unmarried use simplest and need to in no way be reused.


Q1: How many check strips do I want to test my blood glucose level? You will want simplest one check strip whenever you want to test your blood glucose level.

Q2: Can those check strips fail to reveal correct outcomes? This is feasible however this sort of opportunity is extraordinarily low except the strips were broken or defective.

Q3: How do I make sure my check strips are saved safely? Always shop them in a closed box and farfar from direct warmness or light.