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1-AL 10 Tablet

1-AL M Syrup

3 Mix Cream

3-Kat 60 Tablet SR

5 Mono 10 Tablet

5 Ner 5mg Tablet

A Pine 50mg Tablet

A Tret 25mg Capsule

A-Derma Epitheliale

A-Phyl 10mg/ml Syrup

A2 5/10 MG Tablet 10

A2 5mg/10mg Tablet

Aamin L 5mg/5mg Tabl

Aartimet L Dry Syrup

Ab Nac Tab 10'S

AB PAS N Tablet 10's

AB-Resp Tablet

Abalam Tablet

Abbott Supra Rize Ch

Abevia 200 SR Tablet

Abiclo 400 Tablet DT

Abiways 200 SR Table

Abolin 100mg Syrup

Abp-Clear Tablet 10'

Abrozac Tablet 10's

Absull 200 Tablet SR

Abtmed 250mg Tablet

Abura 500 Tablet

Abzit Gel

Abzom T

Acbram 100mg Tablet

ACBRO SR Tablet 10's

Accare Gel

Accept-SP Tablet

Accetiz P 100 mg/500


Ace Plus Syrup

Aceact 150mg Injecti

Acebel-SP 100mg/500m

Acebey P 100 mg/650

Acebloc P 100 mg/500

Acebrel Plus Syrup

Acecloglob PC 100mg/

Aceclomac Plus 100 m

Aceclotp-P 50mg/125m

Acecloven SP Tablet

Acedol 200mg Tablet

Acefe-S Tablet

Acefex Forte Tablet

Aceflu 300 Tablet

Acehope T 100mg/8mg

Acejet 150mg Injecti

Acekyor-D 80mg/100mg

Acelast 50mg/5ml Syr

Acelive P Syrup

Acemiz-S Tablet

Acemol 100 mg/500 mg

Acemove-ATP Tablet

Acemove-P Suspension

Acen Tablet

Acenac 150mg Injecti

Acenal 100mg Tablet

Acepara S Tablet

Acepep Tablet

Aceta P 100mg/500mg

Acetate T 100mg/4mg

Acethromb 1mg Tablet

Acetynet-Ac Tab 10'S

Acezo P Syrup

Acfc SP Tablet

Acfree Gel


Aciana S 100mg/15mg

Aciban 20 Tablet

Acicet 200mg Tablet

Acid Cool DSR 30mg/2

Aciflux 20 mg/150 mg


Acigrel Oral Suspens

Aciherpin 200mg Tabl

Aciky-S 100mg/15mg T

Aciloc-S Suspension

Acimol S 100mg/325mg

Acipan 20mg Tablet

Acipox 200mg Tablet

Acitrol Syrup

Acitrom 4mg Tablet 1

Acitros 25mg Capsule

Acivex 400mg Tablet

Aclind BP 5% Gel

Aclind Gel

Aclodac Plus 200mg/2

Aclonec PS 100mg/500

Aclonova-MR Tablet

Aclopen Plus 100 mg/

Aclopic MR Tablet

Acloriv 200mg Tablet

Aclotec 200mg Tablet

Aclozen 100mg Tablet

Aclozest 100mg Table

Acmacal 333mg Tablet

Acmanet 333mg Tablet


Acneclin Gel

Acnegel-B Gel

Acnelot Lotion

Acnerus AZ 10% Gel

Acnesone Gel 20GM

Acolate LP 2.5mg/10m

Acolate SR Tablet

Acopep Tablet

Acoprax 0.5mg Tablet

Acord L 50mg/5mg Tab

Acotbest Tablet

Acotry 100mg Tablet

Acpro DV 80mg/100mg

Acris 50mg Injection

Acriwel R 200mg/20mg

Acrofen SP Tablet

Acronite 50 Tablet


Actazid 250mg Tablet

Actclo RB 200mg/20mg

Actfit 100mg Tablet

ACTIBILE 75mg Tablet

Actidex Syrup

Actiflox T 4 Tablet

Actines MR 100mg/325

Actinin O 20mg Soft

Action 50mg/500mg Ta

Actis 5mg Tablet

ACTIVE MF Cream 100g

Activtrol-0.25mcg So

Actizer Syrup

Actnew Tablet

Acton 60IU Injection

Actoret 20mg Soft Ge

Actrapid HM 100IU In

Acufight 20mg Soft G

Acutap 100mg Tablet

Acutap 50mg Tablet

Acwan P TZ 100mg/325

Acybronk Tablet

Acyf Tablet

Acylin 800 Tablet DT

Adadis Cream

Adalipca 40mg Inject

Adaple 0.1% Gel

Adapure Gel

Adblock LH 50mg/5mg/

Adcarb 150mg Injecti

Adcarb 450mg Injecti

Adclin 10mg Soft Gel

Add App 2mg/5ml Syru

Add App 4mg Tablet

Adene 0.1% Gel

Adglim M 1mg/500mg T

Adheb 10mg Tablet

Adiflam 1% Gel

Adilo MR 100mg/325mg

Adinep 10mg Tablet

Aditop Gel

Aditro Cream

Adlecof D Syrup

Admitine 10mg Tablet

Adp H 5 mg/12.5 mg T

Adpaxil 260mg/43.4ml

Adpaxil 30mg/5ml Inj

Adride P 15mg/2mg Ta

Adronex RD 50mg Inje

Adsure Gel

Advamab 400 Injectio

Advanced LCF Kid Exp


Aedicool Oral Suspen

Aeroliv M 500mg Tabl

Aeronac MR 100 mg/50

Aeronac Tablet

Aerotrop F Capsule

Aerotrop-F Inhaler

Afderm-MN + Cream

Afdigrow Syrup

Afdura Tablet ER

AFZETA 40 Tablet 30'

AGA 10% Lotion

Ageless Tablet

Agikuff Syrup


Agrifib 5mg Infusion

Ahlflam Eye Drop

Aitclov 200mg Tablet

Aizen Life 20% Injec

Akilos 200mg Tablet

Akilos-P Tablet

Aknerv P 750mcg/75mg

Al Low 180mg Tablet

Al Won Plus 6mg/400m

Al Won Plus 6mg/400m

AL-20 Dry Syrup

Alba 20% Infusion

Albemint 200mg Suspe

Alben 200mg Tablet

Albendacool 200mg Ta

Albendol 400mg Suspe

Albicold Syrup

Albiflam D 80mg/100m

Albitam 800mg Tablet

Albro 100mg/5ml Syru

Albrodo 200mg Suspen

Albumina Umana Infus

Alcet 5mg/5ml Syrup

Alcofast 500mg Table

Aldace 25mg Tablet

Aldevit-Gold Soft Ge

Aldezole 200mg Suspe

Aldonil Plus Tablet

Aldopam 250mg Tablet

Aldotone 50mg Tablet

Alendix 70mg Tablet

Alendrate 70mg Table

Alenfos 10mg Tablet

Alenfos 70mg Tablet

Alerbit M Syrup

Alercid Total 75mg/5

Alerdain M Kid 2.5mg

Alermine 2mg Tablet

Alertac-A Tablet

Alervo AM 5mg/60mg T

Alesa Gel 1GM

Aleva A Syrup

Alfakit Tablet


Alfaren 200mg Tablet

Alfucal 10mg Tablet

Alfugress Tablet PR

Alfunol D 10mg/0.5mg

Alfuprost D 10mg/0.5

Alfutag D

Alfuzee 10mg Tablet

Alfuzin 10mg Tablet

Alfuzosin-D Tablet E

Algat Eye Drop

Algesia 200mg Tablet

Alight Plus Cream

Alin Gel

Alkadin 1.25gm Syrup

Alkapen Syrup

Alkapot Syrup

Alkatrol Syrup

Alkeprost 500mg Tabl

Alkeran 2mg Tablet

Allerfree P Syrup

Allerhin 5mg/5ml Syr

Allfit Tablet

Allflam 400 mg/500 m

Allopurizol 300 Tabl

Alloric 300mg Tablet

Alltop P 0.25mg/20mg

Alme GB 300mg/500mg

Almigra 6.25mg Table

Alminth 200mg Syrup

Almotan 6.25 Tablet

Alnaparin 40mg Injec

Aloo 50mg/5ml/125mg/

Alopur 300mg Tablet

Alorti-M Tablet

Alovir 400mg Tablet

Alovir 800mg Tablet


Alparazole 0.5mg Tab

Alphadex 100mcg Inje

Alphadol-C Soft Gela

Alphadopa Tablet

Alpram Plus 0.25mg/2

Alpramax 1mg Tablet

Alprax 0.125

Alprax 0.5mg Tablet

Alprax MT 0.125mg Ta

Alprotic 100mg Injec

Alrif 1mg Tablet XR

Alrista Plus Tablet


Alser 10mg Tablet 10

Alsert 0.5mg/25mg Ta

Alspas Tablet

Altawin S 0.5mg/50mg

Alup 100mg Tablet

Alupectin S Syrup

Alveotio 9 Inhaler

Alwel Plus 0.25mg/25

Alzam 1mg Tablet

Alzepil 10mg Tablet

Alzepil 5mg Tablet

Alzex Forte 0.5 mg/5

Alzigo M 5mg/10mg Ta

Alzil-SR 23 Tablet

Alzimin Oral Gel


Alzopin 2.5mg Tablet

Alzopin 5mg Tablet M

Alzot 1mg Tablet SR

Alzy 1mg Tablet SR

Alzy Plus 0.5mg/50mg

AM Dopa 250mg Tablet

Amal T 25mg Tablet

Amantide Capsule 15'

Amaryl MV 2mg Tablet


Amazeo OD 100 Tablet

Amazil 5mg Tablet

Ambecy Syrup

Ambiac N 300mg/30mg

Ambinac A 100mg/500m

Ambiship Injection

Ambril 30mg Tablet

Ambril Drop

Ambril Syrup

Ambro S Tablet

Ambrodil Tablet

Ambrodil-Plus Syrup

Ambrolene Syrup

Ambrotus C Syrup

Ambryl 30mg/2mg Tabl

Amcalm 400 Tablet

Amcard-LP Tablet

Amcet Syrup

Amchek L 5 mg/5 mg T

Amchek-AT Tablet

Amcold 5 mg/60 mg Ta

Amcoryl 30mg/2mg Tab

Amdex Syrup

Amdorich AT 5mg/25mg



Amfocan 50mg Injecti

Amfocare 50mg Inject

Amibet 100 SR Tablet

Amibet 200 SR Tablet

Amicobal PG 10mg/75m

Amide 25 Tablet

Amifast MR Tablet

Amifru 40 Tablet

Amigatin 300 mg

Amigatin LS 100mg

Amilite 75mg Tablet

Amiliv 50 Tablet

Amilyst 100mg Tablet

Amilyst 200mg Tablet

Amimind 100 Tablet

Aminol Drop

Amipride 100 Tablet

Amisant OD 400mg Tab


Amitone 10mg Tablet

Amixide 5 Tablet

Amize Forte 25 mg/10

Amleod H 5mg/12.5mg

Amlo E 5 mg/5 mg Tab

Amlodac 10 Tablet

Amlodac L 5 mg/5 mg

Amlodac M 25 Tablet

Amlodac M Tablet PR

Amlodac T 40 mg/5 mg

Amlodac-H Tablet

Amlode-H Tablet

Amlogard Met 2.5mg/2

Amlogen 2.5mg Tablet


Amlokind Beta 5mg/25

Amlokind-AT Tablet

Amlokind-L Tablet

Amlong 2.5 Tablet

Amlong Tablet

Amlong-A Tablet

Amlong-H Tablet

Amlong-TL 40 Tablet

Amlonova 2.5mg/25mg

Amlonova 5mg/50mg Ta

Amlopil 5mg Tablet

Amlopin 10 Tablet

Amlopin-AT Tablet

Amlopin-M 5mg/25mg T

Amlopin-M Tablet PR

Amlopres 10 Tablet

Amlopres-NB 5mg/5mg



Amlopres-Z 50mg/5mg

Amlosafe-AT 2.5mg/25

Amlosar H 50mg/5mg/1

Amloss-Beta Tablet P

Amlotan 6.25mg Table

Amlovas CH 5 mg/12.5

Amlovas S 5mg Tablet

Amlovas-M 2.5/25 Tab

Amlovin H 5mg/12.5mg

Amlowin AT 5 mg/50 m

Amlyse 30mg Tablet

Amodil 250 mg/300 mg

Amoline H 5mg/12.5mg

Amonext Cream

Amorfine Cream

Amozin Syrup

Amphocil 100mg Injec

Amphomul 100mg Injec

Ampril 5mg/5mg Table

Amrolmac Cream

Amrolmac Nail Lacque

Amrox Junior Syrup

Amtas-M 50 Tablet PR

Amtris Cream

Amvalor Chrono 200 T

Amvalor Chrono 300 T

Amycrome AT Tablet

Amzed Syrup

Anabol Syrup


Anafortan 25 mg/300


Anamol Plus Tablet

Anasure 5% Solution

Anatero Tablet

Anburn O Suspension

Ancolam 0.5mg Tablet

Andriol 40mg Capsule

Androfil Gel


Andromin Solution

Androrise Gel

Androtas Gel

Anfoe 2000IU Injecti

Angiopril 25mg Table

Angit 30mg Tablet

Angiwell 6.4mg Table


Anglit 2.6 Tablet CR

Anglit 6.4 Tablet CR

Anglomet N Cream

Anglopar Plus 100 mg

Anidulan Injection

Anogyl-F Tablet

Anosam 1mg Tablet

Anozest Cream

Ansilumirm 1mg Table

Anthracin 10mg Injec

Anthracin 50mg Injec

Antidol Kid Tablet

Antiflame Injection

Antilep 100mg Tablet

Antilep 200mg Tablet

Antipres 75mg Tablet

Antiworm 400mg Syrup

Antrima 200 mg/40 mg

Anxigo 0.125mg Table

Anxiset Plus 0.5 mg/

Anxiset-E Tablet

Anxit 1mg Tablet SR

Anxit Fort 0.5 mg/25

Anxit Plus 0.5 mg/25

Anxizam Plus 0.5 mg/

Anzal Plus -H 0.25mg

Anzavir-R Tablet

Anzicyp Syrup

Anzifen RB 200mg/20m

Anziolet A 75mg/75mg

Aova-F 10mg/160mg Ta

AP Cobal 0.25mg/10mg

Apal SR 1.5mg Tablet

Apalene 0.1% Gel

Apand 20 mg/40 mg Ta

Apc Plus Tablet

Apd 30 mg/20 mg Caps

Apdrops DX Eye Drop

Apenorm 4mg Tabletc

Apeplus 2mg Syrup

Apeton 2mg/5ml Syrup

Apeton Plus Syrup

Apiron Oral Drops

Apiron Oral Drops

Apiz 5mg Tablet MD

App UP 4mg Tablet

Appatim Eye Drop

Appcyp Syrup

Appegain Syrup

Appydone Syrup

Apretero 125/80 Kit

Aprezo 10 Tablet

Aprezo 20 Tablet

Apribose M 0.2 Table

Apristar 125 mg/80 m

Apritech 125/80 Caps

Apro Syrup

Apronin 500000IU Inj


Aprotin 500000IU Inj

Apry 125mg/80mg Caps

Aptacid Tablet

Aptitrust Syrup

Apxenta 10 Tablet

Aqnox 8mg Tablet

Aqualina Eye Drop

Aquamide 20 mg/50 mg

Arachitol 3L Injecti

Arbozil-CT 40/12.5 T

Arden 1000 Tablet

Areban Oral Suspensi

Aredia 30mg Injectio

Arena A Oral Suspens

Arerep 10mg Tablet

Argella M 5mg/10mg T

Argest 100mg Capsule

Aria 20mg Tablet

Ariba D 10mg/20mg Ta

Ariban Plus

Aricalm 2.5mg Tablet

Aricep 23 SR Tablet

Arichlor 200mg Table

Aride 200mg Tablet S

Aride 400mg Tablet S

Aridol P Tablet

Aridus 10mg Tablet

Arifive 10mg Tablet

Ariford 5mg Tablet M

Ariford MD 5 Tablet

Arigest SG 200mg Cap

Arip MT 10 Tablet

Aripaso 2mg Tablet

Aripaso 5mg Tablet

Aripiren 5mg Tablet

Aripiz 15mg Tablet

Ariprazole 10mg Tabl

Arive 30mg Tablet

Arivog M 500mg/0.3mg

Arokast DL 5mg/10mg

Arokast FX 10mg/120m

Aropat Eye Drop

Arophyll-SR 200 Tabl

Arpilex MT 10mg Tabl

Arpimune ME Oral Sol

Arsufee Kit 100mg/50

Arsulum 80 mg tablet

Arteross 60mg Inject

Arteross Plus 80mg t

Arthovit GM 50mg/150

Artisec D 10mg/10mg

Artisol 10mg Tablet

Artisun 150mg Inject

Aryalam 0.50mg Table

Arzur 15 Tablet

Ascodex Cough Syrup

Ascodex DX Syrup

Asibloc Syrup

Asier P Suspension

Askapan-DM 20mg/40mg

Asolor 10mg Tablet 1

Asomex CV 2.5 mg/10

Asomex Lth Tablet 10

Asozen SR Plus 100mg

Asphyllin Expectoran

Asphyllin Tablet

Aspisol AV 10mg/75mg

Assert-S Tablet

Astha Paed Syrup

Asthagrip 200 SR Tab

Asthakind Dx Sugar F

Asthakind-DX Junior

Asthakind-DX Syrup S

Asthakind-LS Junior

Asthamon-L Tablet

Astinol Inhaler

Astodine 120mg Table

Astofen-D Tablet

Astriol Tablet 10'S

Asuc 500mg Suspensio

Ataclip 300 mg/100 m

Atacurium 50mg Injec

Atarol Tablet MD

Atazor-R 300mg/100mg

Atazor-R Tablet

Atb 25mg/ml Injectio

Atb 50mg Injection

Atba EZ

Atchol 20 Tablet

Atchol-ASP Capsule

Atcid D 10 mg/40 mg

Atetor C 10mg/75mg T

Atfour 40mg Tablet

Atheart 10 Tablet

Atinate Plus 80 mg t

Atmen 10mg Tablet

Atocor 10 Tablet

Atocor 80 Tablet

Atoder C 10mg/75mg T

Atonpride 3mg Tablet

Atorec-ASP Capsule

Atorfen 10 Tablet

Atorfit 10 Tablet

Atorin 10 Tablet

Atorise 5mg Tablet

Atornet F 10mg/145mg

Atorsave 80 Tablet

Atorvance CV 10mg/75

Atpase 20mg Capsule

Atpure 12.5 Tablet 1

Atpure SA 2.5mg/25mg

Atracade 25mg/ml Inj

Atrelax 10mg/ml Inje

Atrofod 80mg Tablet

Atrowell F 10mg/145m

Auriase 5mg Tablet

Autic 400mg Tablet 1

Autitam 800 Tablet

Autotron 1000mcg Inj

Avangio Injection

Avapar 25mg Injectio

Avas Gold 75mg/20mg/

Avcal D3 Injection


Avir 800mg Tablet DT

Avisera Forte 15mg T

Avizine Syrup

Axalur 100 Tablet

Axikool O Suspension

Axinac-SE Tablet

Axither L 20mg/120mg

Axsol-SP Tablet

Axtrip 75mg Tablet

Axus SP 100mg/500mg/

Azenap 10 Tablet

Azenap 15mg Tablet

Azenap 30mg Tablet

Azox P 0.25mg/10mg T

Azutan CT 40/12.5 Ta

B Kalm 0.50mg Tablet

B Oppo 0.1% Eye Drop

B Rich Capsule

Babygesic Drops Oran

Bacloheal 10mg Table

Baclonip 25mg Tablet

Bacloren 10mg Tablet

Baclotop 10 Tablet

Bakwel 4mg Capsule 1

Ban Cold 5mg/325mg/5

Bandrafos Tablet

Bariderm Z Ointment

Batrox LS Syrup

Beap 100 mg/650 mg T

Beat HF 5 Tablet

Befalax 10mg Tablet


Bell Pentolate Eye D

Beloc Plus 0.25mg/20

Belrin-LZ Syrup

Ben 200mg Syrup

Benacof 25mg Soft Ge


Benakof 2 mg/500 mg/

Bend 200mg Tablet

Benitec A Tablet

Beniv Oral Suspensio

Benplus 200mg Syrup

Benzole 400mg Syrup

Benzydol P 1.5mg Tab

Bestodek 25mg Inject

Bestofyline 400mg Ta

Bestova 100 Capsule

Betacard-AM 5mg/25mg

Betagesic MR 100mg/3

Betapam Lite 0.125mg


Betapax M

Betaphil Plus Syrup

Betazom 16mg Tablet

Beten 12.5mg Tablet

Betocop 16 Tablet DT

Bettor Plus Tablet

Beworm 200mg Tablet

Bigan P 15 mg/500 mg

Bigspas-D 25mg/25mg

Bigunyl 5mg/800mg Ta

Bintac 25mg Injectio

Bio-Oil Original Fac

Bioclot 5000IU Injec

Biogab A 300mg

Biopurin 50mg Tablet

Biosone 100mg Inject

Biosone-C Eye Ointme


Biovon 100mg Tablet

Biozolam Plus 0.25 m

Bipir 400mg Tablet

Bipivac 5mg Injectio

Birtrex XR 25mg Tabl

Bitnac P Syrup

Blisto 2 Tablet

Bludec-SP Tablet

Bluneel 10mg Tablet

Bmd Eye Drop

Bocker-C Tablet

Bolofen 25mg Tablet

Bonapam 30mg Injecti

Bonapam 90mg Injecti

Bone C Fos 35mg Tabl

Bonepex-D Tablet

Bortero 3.5mg Inject

Bortirel 3.5mg Injec

Borviz 3.5 Injection

Borzomed 2.5mg Injec

Borzomed 3.5mg Injec

Bowelac 3.325gm Syru

Boxa 15mg Tablet

Bptite 2.5mg/10mg Ta

Bpzide 25mg Tablet

Brace 50mg Syrup

Bral 500mg Tablet

Bravia-D Tablet

Bricarex Expectorant

Bricarex LS Expector

Brigrel Tablet

Brimofinet 5 mg/1.5

Brimogen T Eye Drop

Brimonid Eye Drop

Brimonist Eye Drop

Brimoron 0.2% Eye Dr

Brimosoft Eye Drop

Brocin Suspension

Brodex Syrup

Brolanz 5mg Tablet M

Bromex Plus 50 mg/1.

Bromf Eye Drop 5ml

Bromin Tablet

Broncofil N Tablet

Bronfyl 200mg Tablet

Brored Syrup

Brosur Eye Drop

Brotasin Syrup 50 ml

Broxino-DX Syrup Sug

BUDESTE 0.5mg Respul

Bufex Kid 100 mg/125

Buminate 20% Infusio

Buminate Infusion

Bupain KID 100mg/125

Bupicain Injection

Bupidural 0.25% Inje

Bupifix-H Injection

Buprocare 0.2mg Tabl

Busera 400 mg/325 mg

Butipil 2mg/0.035mg

Bytey M 60mg/500mg T

Bytey Total 60mg/15m

C C Gesic Plus Syrup

C Lep 200mg Tablet

C Pent Eye Drop

C Pram 40mg Tablet

C-Hop 300 Tablet SR

C-Talo 40mg Tablet

C-Well Eye Drop

Cabgon 0.5 Tablet

Cadidine 5% Ointment

Cadiflu-S Vaccine

Cafonate 15mg Inject

Calcitag CT Capsule

Calm Beta 20 mg Tabl


Calpol 1000mg Tablet

Caluran 50 CP Tablet

Camifort N Tablet

Camprosys 333mg Tabl

Campsate 333mg Table

Campy Injection

Camyfyl 25mg/300mg T

Canace-TH4 Tablet

Canastrin 1mg Tablet

Candicold 5mg/325mg/

Candimore 100mg Caps

Canditz Capsule

Cans 3 Vaginal Suppo

Capegard 500 Tablet

Caplanz 10mg Tablet

Capotril 25mg Tablet

Capstat 250mg Tablet

Captoglo 25mg Tablet

Carbazep 100mg Table

Carbesta 400mg Table

Carbetol 400mg Table

Cardilax 0.25mg/20mg

Cardimax SR Tablet

Cardisec 30mg Tablet

Care US Diccare Pain

Caredic-SR 75 Tablet

Caregest 200mg Capsu

Caremin-Plus Injecti

Caremoist Soap, 75 g

Carespas CP 25mg/300

Cariv 200mg Tablet

Carkozom 10 Tablet

Carkozom 20 Tablet

Carkozom 5 Tablet

Carmazole 10mg Table

Carmazole 5mg Tablet

Carmilon Liquigel

Carnidol 1gm Injecti

Carnikid Syrup

Carnipil Syrup

Carnisurge 500mg/5ml

Carnixol 1gm Injecti

Carplat 450mg Inject

Carryl MP 60mg/15mg/

Carryl MSR 60mg/500m

Cartikem 500mg Table

CARZEST Syrup 100ml

Carzomib 60mg Inject

Casdom P 10mg

Casogyn 50mg Injecti

Cax 25mg Tablet

CB-Tol CR 200 Tablet

Cbs L Lotion

Cdcon 20mg Tablet

Cdprex 5mg Tablet

Cealb 20% Infusion

Cedroin 90mg Injecti

Cefec MR 100mg/325mg

Cefen P 100mg/650mg

Cefilab 200 Tablet

Ceklif-Forte Tablet

Celcox 100mg Capsule

Celcox 200mg Capsule

Celedol 200 Capsule

Celepra 20mg Tablet

Celglip M 1000mg/20m

Celib 100mg Capsule

Celib 200mg Capsule

Celimine 40mg Tablet

Celira 100mg Capsule

Celoxin 0.25mg Table

Celtos-D Syrup

Censpram 10 Tablet

Cepal 100mg/ml Drop

Cepal 125mg/5ml Susp

Ceprolyst 60mg Injec

Cerin 50mg Capsule

Ceriton Epo 2000IU I

Cetadep 10mg Tablet

Cetariv A Syrup

Cetcip Cold 5mg Tabl

Cetcip Tablet

Cetconil Tablet

Cetimax 5mg Syrup

Cetin 10mg Syrup

Cetipen LV 5mg Table

Cetlong Plus Syrup

Cetral 10mg Syrup

Cetrinem A Syrup

Cetrish AD Tablet

Cetrison 5mg Tablet

Cetrizine Tablet

Cetry Plus 5mg/75mg

Cetwin 10mg Syrup

Cetzed 5mg Tablet

Cevoric C 15mg Injec

Cezarest-D Tablet

Cezine Syrup

Cezole Plus

Cgesic 75mg Tablet S

Cglactone 100mg Tabl

Cglactone 25mg Table

Cglactone 50mg Table

Chemidrex E Syrup

Chemobort Injection

Chemotax 100mg Injec

Chericof-LS Junior S

Chericof-LS Syrup

Chesclar M Kid 5mg T

Chest Kold Tablet

Chhezmox Eye Drop

Chiny Injection

Chlodor H Eye Ointme

Chlorocort Eye Ointm

Chymogo-A Tablet

Chymomerg Tablet

Chymonac-MR Tablet

CIAZ DUO Eye Drops 5

Cilentra 10 Tablet

Cinaryl-AF Oral Drop

Cinvert 75mg Tablet

Cip-Zox Tablet

Cipin 12.5mg Tablet

Ciplar LA 40 Tablet

Cipzen-D Tablet

Cirkedian Tablet

Cismax 10mg Injectio

Cita S Forte 0.5mg/1

Citabel 10mg Tablet

Citalka 1.25gm/5ml S

Citalomine 20 Tablet

Citchem-X Syrup

Cizodep 50mg Tablet

Cizorest 100 OD Tabl

Cizorest 200 OD Tabl

Cizorest 400 OD Tabl

Ckent Syrup

Clair Gel 15GM

Clairmel Cream

Clanac MR Tablet

Clanac-SP Tablet

Clanky A Cream

Clarian Gel


Claridin Tablet

Clavidur 625 Tablet

Clavix-AS 75 Tablet

Claz OD 30mg Tablet

Clearscalp Shampoo


Clemrid Tablet

Clenol LB 3D

Cliface Lotion 25 ML

Clim-IT Gel 30 GM

Clin-AD Gel

Clinch Lotion

Clincin V

Clindaily Topical So

Clindamycin Phosphat

Clinderm 1% Gel

Clindot-A Gel

Clindwin Gel 15GM

Clinitus 300mg Capsu

Clinmiakin Solution

Clinosel Gel

Clinrik Gel

Clinroz-BP Gel

Clintas-CL Vaginal S

Clintok N Gel 15 GM

Clinzit 1% Gel

Clivazit 1% Lotion

Cliza 300mg Capsule

Clobazap 5mg Tablet

Clobet Lotion

Clobiderm-F Cream

Clobsave 0.5% Ointme

Clodapin-A 75 Tablet

Clodep 0.25mg Tablet

Clodep 0.5mg Tablet

Clodus 5mg Tablet

Clofenac P 50 mg/500

Clofranil 75mg Table

Clogis 0.25mg Tablet

Clohart A 75mg/75mg

Clom 75mg Tablet SR

Clomet 5mg Injection

Clomid 0.50 Tablet

Clomien Plus Tablet

Clomifril 10mg Table

Clomine 25mg Tablet

Clomipreg Q 25mg/50m

Clomipreg Q 50mg/50m

Clomistar 75mg Table

Clomova 25mg/50mg Ta

Clonax-Forte Tablet

Clonax-Plus Tablet

Clonaxpax P 0.5 mg/2

Clonaxyl 0.25mg Tabl

Clonex 50mg Tablet

Clonotril 0.5 Tablet

Clopact 75 Tablet

Clopan Lotion

Clopicard AP 75 Tabl

Clopikind Tablet

Clopirad A 75mg/75mg

Clopiril-AS Tablet

Clopisa 150mg/75mg C

Clopitab-CV 10 Capsu

Clopivas 75 Tablet

Clopramin 75mg Table

Clopride A 150mg/75m

Clopride A 75mg/75mg

Clops PR 0.25mg/20mg

Clora 25mg Tablet

Clora 50mg Tablet

Clorace-MR Tablet


Clotase 0.2CU Soluti

Cloterite B Cream

Clotrol F Cream

Clovas 1mg Tablet

Cloviral 200mg Table

Cloviva F Cream

Clozabest 200mg Tabl

Clozakin 0.25mg Tabl

Clozakin 0.5mg Table

Clozatask 50mg Table

Clozet 0.25mg Tablet

Clozet Plus Tablet

Clyora Oral Drops

Coastat 100mg Inject

Cobagain PG 500mcg/5

Cocid DSR Capsule

Codistar-DX Cough Sy

Cof-BR Syrup

Cofaid DC Liquid