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Are you fed up of walking to the nearest pharmacy? Do you worry that going out could be dangerous in the present times? Online Medicine Order at IndiMedo India's most trustworthy online pharmacy. With over 50,000 medicines available it is certain that you will find what you're searching for and all at a reasonable price!

In addition, very stringent sanitation standards are observed at your preferred online pharmacy. IndiMedo is committed to the security of its customers and employees extremely serious.


  • For more detailed information about each medication is available via our website. Simply click on any medication to access Drug Snapshot, Usage and warnings.
  • You can order your medicines online and also look up generic and substitute medicine on and save money on your prescriptions by consulting with your doctor.
  • Order Medicine Online through and save money on the cost of your medicine.
  • How do I order medication on the internet?

Look up the medicine that you need and order online. Add it to the cart. Upload the appropriate prescription. Go to the payment page and select for the payment method that you feel confident with. You can rest assured that you will receive authentic medicines right to your door.

Is it okay to order medicine online at IndiMedo?

For years the method to buy medicine from a nearby pharmacy was established and has been convenient and reliable for the majority of us. In the modern world where trust among consumers has grown exponentially in the realm of the world of e-commerce, and a pandemic is on the horizon, ordering medicine online is among the safest and most convenient methods.

Yes, it's okay to order medicine online through A lot of people don't possess access to a local pharmacy in their neighborhood and in the pandemic, it might not make sense to go further for medicine. IndiMedo offers 24*7 medicine home delivery options to people. IndiMedo undergoes a variety of verification and assurance procedures to supply us with prescription medications. So, it's a fast and safe alternative to order medicines through IndiMedo online pharmacy.

Some important tips to order medicine online

Online medicine order is an excellent method to reduce time, money and to ensure your safety. However, there are certain guidelines to be followed by customers to avoid buying medicines that are not authorized, or from inefficient websites

  • Before you buy any medications, make sure that the site performs a thorough check of the medicine. It's better that the website has an online pharmacist on hand to answer questions and concerns. It is recommended to stay away from websites which do not have a qualified healthcare professional waiting to assist.
  • Verify that the medicine you are looking to order are FDA approved and that they are still in the range of expiration dates.
  • Make sure that the online pharmacy that you are ordering the medicine at is authorized to offer the identical.
  • Don't enter your personal details like the number of your debit or credit card or account number If you are not confident in the site to safeguard the details

Where can I find the best Online Pharmacy in India?

IndiMedo online pharmacy that allows you to order medicines online, or health supplements. IndiMedo provides a wide range of medicines that are approved by the FDA. For the online medicine delivery visit our online pharmacy to order the medicines or other health supplements that you want. If you have questions or require a consultation our medical experts in-house can assist with your issues and direct you to the appropriate doctor.

Is ordering medicines online on IndiMedo safe?

Absolutely! Our medicines go through an audit of quality that is three steps to make sure they're top-quality.

Our products are sourced exclusively from licensed pharmacies that sell retail.

IndiMedo is used by more than millions of users from PAN India including. Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, etc. for placing orders online for medicines.

Why choose IndiMedo for Online Medicine Order?

  • Utilized by 1M+ customers
  • Delivery within 24-48* hours
  • More than 50,000 of medicines and health products to pick from
  • We delivered in PAN India
  • Reminders to refill your prescriptions on a schedule
  • Cashbacks on attractive deals
  • A highly experienced pharmacist and healthcare professionals
  • Cash-on-delivery options are available

How do I order medicines online from IndiMedo?

  1. Go to our website or use our app on your mobile.
  2. Upload the prescription of a qualified doctor and then search our list of medications.
  3. Enter the address at which you'd like your package to be delivered.
  4. Our team will contact you to confirm the order.
  5. You will get your order at your doorstep.

Easy to track your order.

When will IndiMedo deliver my medicines?

When you have placed your order online for medicines on our website, you receive it within 24 - 48 hours.

Do I get discount while ordering medicines online at IndiMedo

Sure, it is possible to enjoy huge discounts as well as massive cashback with e-wallets on order of medicine.

When will I receive my order?

The order will be delivered in accordance with the 'Estimated Delivery Date' that was set to you at placing your order. You can confirm this by accessing your order in your "My Orders'' section. Be on the lookout for announcements regarding delivery.

What is the shelf life of medicines being provided?

We guarantee that the shelf-life of the medications supplied by our partners is at least 3 months from the time of the delivery.

How can I modify my order at IndiMedo?

Once your order has been confirmed the order cannot be changed. It is possible to make a new order.

How do I cancel my order at IndiMedo?

Cancel your order on the 'Order Information' screen before it's ready for delivery. Just click the Account icon located at the bottom right of the App homepage, then select "Orders" > select the order you want to cancel and then tap "Cancel". You can also decline it upon delivery. A refund will be sent to the source of payment, in the event that the amount of your order was paid via online.

Can IndiMedo provide express delivery?

Yes, IndiMedo offers express delivery. The medicines you order through IndiMedo will arrive at your residence within three hours. This option is only available in selected cities.