Herbal Hills Arthohills Joint Care Ultra Oil

Herbal Hills Arthohills Joint Care Ultra Oil

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Uses, Side effects Herbal Hills Arthohills Joint Care Ultra Oil

Herbal Hills Arthrohills Ultra Oil consists of Til tail, Dashmool, Nirgundi, Gandha biroha, Mahanarayan tail, Gandhapura tail, Shallaki, Nirgundi patra, Vishagarbha tail, Niligiri tail, Kapur tail, and Pudina tail as energetic ingredients.

Key benefits/makes use of of Herbal Hills Arthrohills Ultra Oil:

  • Til tail: Acts as a herbal anti inflammatory agent and useful for the joint ache.
  • Dashmool: Acts as an anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant, analgesic and sedative that is accountable to remedy joint ache.
  • Nirgundi: Used externally and is useful for wounds, abscesses, swelling, boils and rheumatic joints.
  • Gandha biroha: Useful for the remedy of fractured bones, joint dislocation and it gives power to the joint and alleviates the ache.
  • Mahanarayan tail: Acts as an remarkable analgesic, soothes sore, painful muscle tissues and is used for arthritic or rheumatic arthritis.
  • Gandhapura tail: Acts as analgesic and anti inflammatory.
  • Shallaki: Useful in remedy of arthritis and joint pains and it additionally improves the immunity of the body.
  • Nirgundi patra: Provides comfort from ache because it reduces ache and irritation of the muscle tissues.It heals fractures.
  • Vishagarbha tail: Used for neighborhood software on painful joints, inflammations, and muscular ache. It acts because the sedative and offers comfort in ache.
  • Niligiri tail: Alleviates ache associated with arthritis, sprains, fibrosis, nerve ache, and muscle ache.
  • Kapur tail: Gives comfort from the joint ache or ache because of pain and muscle cramps.
  • Pudina tail: Acts because the analgesic, anesthetic, and anti inflammatory and it alleviates joint ache and stiffness.

Directions for use/Dosage:

  • Take enough amount of oil & practice at the affected part, rubdown lightly to facilitate penetration or use it as directed with the aid of using the medical doctor


  • Joint issues

Safety information:

  • For External use only
  • Read the label cautiously earlier than use
  • Keep out of the attain and sight of children